Edem & Claudia


Edem goka

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City: st. catharines
Added: August 14th, 2009 11:54:54 AM
Duration: 0:00:31

We are so fresh because we brush our teeth three times a day

Comments (21)

public wrote:
1671 days

wow, we think you dance looks so good. we hope that you two win! congrats on making the top 5 =P

claede wrote:
1682 days

You made the top 20 - congrats!

public wrote:
1694 days

you guys rock that was sick

tanyah wrote:
1696 days

good job claudia!

lizzard wrote:
1699 days

You two are just way to cool and FRESH!!!!! of coarse! Great job guys , hope you win.

jersehr wrote:
1700 days

Type your comment here

rae_16 wrote:
1704 days

u guys are too cute . . .

maryanne wrote:
1704 days

Very cute Mr. Sweetness!

dancer101 wrote:
1704 days

you guys are for sure gunna win keep up the great work

dancer101 wrote:
1704 days

you guys are for sure gunna win keep up the great work

shoops wrote:
1705 days

Very cool! Teach me how to dance one of these days?? Hope you win!!

paris_7 wrote:
1705 days

u guys r awesome & u should totally win! i'll keep voting 4 u 2! paris♥

edemandclaudia wrote:
1705 days


xodus_05 wrote:
1705 days

ur gonna win, u guys rock

public wrote:
1706 days

AWESOME!!! u gotz my votes.

jennal wrote:
1706 days

very good!!!

mady_ramey wrote:
1706 days

hi, in my opinion you guys are the best and I'm not just saying that <3333 mady

carriew wrote:
1707 days

You two are awesome and are so nsync, LOVE IT

rlawson wrote:
1707 days

They are great

telina1 wrote:
1707 days

YEAH!!! That's sweet guys. Hope you can see how many votes you have. Hope you win!!!

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